How Our Posters Can Help
Players frequently find the Rules Of Golf difficult to understand and interpret. As well a search for the answer to a golf rules problem may prove to be very time consuming because the information can be scattered under several rules and decisions. Each illustrated "Golf Rules Made Easy" poster draws all this information together to answer a specific golfing problem situation in concise, easy to understand language.

Updated Posters
When a new Rulebook or Decisions Book is introduced the posters are updated as needed and replacement posters are made available for purchase. Click here for the latest update information.

The original idea for a "Rule of the Week" poster began in 1995 when Sue Murray was the Rules & Handicap Chairperson at a golf club in the Calgary area. Rosemary Gillard, a talented artist and member at the same club is responsible for all the illustrations on the posters.

Topics Covered
Each of the posters deals with a different golfing rules problem. Frequently used rules are explained including a player's options when his ball is unplayable, in ground under repair, beside an immovable obstruction or in a hazard. The posters also answer such questions as whether a player may mark his ball on the green using the toe of his putter and whether a player may look in his opponent's golf bag to determine which club he used to play his last shot.

How To Order
Posters may be ordered by phone, mail or email and paid for by cheque or draft. Five different series of posters are available:

Series "A" (20 posters)

Series "B" (20 posters)

Series "C" (20 posters)

Series "D" (20 posters)

Series "E" (20 posters)

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